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Biohazard Transport Bag product image

Biohazard Transport Bag

Our new specimen bags guard against accidental contact with hazardous or infectious materials.

$40.82 - $62.92

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Blood Pressure Cuffs product image

Blood Pressure Cuffs

Handheld PVC Aneroids - Blood Pressure Cuff

$15.20 - $23.86

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Instant Disposable Cold Pack product image

Instant Disposable Cold Pack

Disposable, single-use design delivers instant cold therapy for first aid. Activate with a single squeeze.

$28.07 - $51.64

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Stethoscope - Black product image

Stethoscope - Black

Single Head Stethoscope - Black

$46.56 - $57.72

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Medicine Cups product image

Medicine Cups

For dispensing medication.

$11.20 - $74.85

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CELOX™ "STOP the BLEED" designated product image

CELOX™ "STOP the BLEED" designated

Celox™ stands for treating the most severe trauma injuries by providing innovative, reliable lifesaving medical products. �Our product range includes hemostatic dressings and chest seal dressings.

$57.30 - $127.14

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Tourniquet product image


Tactical mechanical tourniquet (TMT) treats life threating extremity hemorrhage.


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Tourniquet Trauma Kit product image

Tourniquet Trauma Kit

This low profile and compact kit equips the user, whether military, Law Enforcement or Civilian with critical equipment required to aid in the event of a trauma.


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5.5" Straight Kelly Forceps product image

5.5" Straight Kelly Forceps

Clamp quickly and easily with these 5-1/2" straight stainless steel forceps.


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