Zep Carburetors Spray



Zep CARB SPRAY will clean your carburetors and remove dirt, gum, varnish deposits and other solid material making your engine hard to start. This product will free sticky valves, stuck heat risers and throttle linkages.

Zep Carburetor Spray does not contain lead or silicone - it will not harm oxygen sensors, catalytic converters or fuel injectors. Use Zep Carb Spray periodically on cars, trucks, boats, lawnmowers, and other vehicles to keep your fuel systems clean, efficient and trouble free. High pressure blast spray. Restores lost air flow. Cleans carb, choke, linkage, heat riser, throttle plate & PCV valve. Quickly dissolves & removes harmful gum, carbon & varnish deposits. Pack Size / MOQ CASE/1 (12) 12 oz. cans.

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